Saturday, May 2, 2009

What happens next? Let me introduce the
rest of the team. First is my ever faithful Jensen
Castle wheel. Its made from solid cherry, and was
carved in Wisconsin by Jerry Jensen. It is very reliable,
pretty, and spins like a dream, but then, Jensen wheels
generally do.

This is another beautiful Jensen wheel- a 36"
solid cherry wheel that my husband gave me
for Christmas about 8 years ago. He asked me
once what my "dream wheel" would be- I got
out my Spin Off magazine, and found an add
for Bountiful Spinning and Weaving in Colorado.
"This one" I said with a far away look in my eye.
I knew what this wheel costs, I had already done
the research. My husband began a little research
of his own; he called Jerry Jensen and told him that
he NEEDED this wheel. He explained that is wife was
a fiber addict, and this was the wheel of her dreams.
That was at the beginning of November. He also
explained that he wanted to give it to me for Christmas.
Mr Jensen kindly explained that he didn't have one, it would have to be carved, and that would take a
while. When my husband explained that it was a total surprise for me and his wheel was the only
acceptable one, Mr Jensen very kindly took a rush order. He would carve the wheel and send it to
Mike in pieces, Mike would do all of the finish work. You can only imagine how totally shocked I was
to find this wheel under the tree! I cried when he told me this story. I will always be grateful for such
an amazing and thoughtful gift. I cherish this wheel. Thank you Mr Jensen,
for letting my persistant husband tug at your heart strings with his soppy story....

Last but never least, is my Majacraft Suzi Pro. This is my little work
horse! Its smooth treadle action can keep my spinning for long periods
when I am doing production spinning for a big project. It spins like a dream
and always produces a nice consistant yarn. Plus, its portable if I want to
take it along somewhere- it rides nicely in the car with a seatbelt on
too. : )

There you have it. The whole shabang. Next up- getting the new
room ready to work in, and putting a dent in that stash
with a few Finished Objects!!

Have a great weekend all. Thanks for reading.
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  1. love your wheels, I'm using a wheel on loan from our guild at the moment, picked it up a week ago, yet another fibre addiction!

  2. A pleasure to meet another fiber loving person! Your little flock of fiber animals looks as though they can keep you busy. I dream of owning a Suzie wheel!

  3. Good luck with the new blog! I was born in Ashland, Ohio, but live in NC now. I saw your invitation to visit your blog on the spinning Yahoo group. Have a blessed Sunday.

  4. Nice job on your blog. Will check back often to see how your new work room is progressing.

  5. Hi I'm here 'cos I saw your message on Trad Knitting - I'll be back cos I love this post! I do like to know about other people's choices of spinning wheel.

  6. Love the wheels, I have an Ashford Traveler and a Baynes, I do love the castle style wheels :), started out because of room factor, but they're just so darn cute ;P. My new apt has a built in storage area that goes out of my apt and over the stair well, how cool is that? So I put alot of my fiber in there :P. We just find lots of places to stash it don't we, but how lucky to have a husband who accomadates yours with a new fiber room :). Really gotta find me one of those ;P.

  7. Hi! I popped over here from Spin-list. Thanks for sharing your beautiful wheels, sheepies, and jealous of your craft room!

  8. Nice wheels. I hope you get to spin some lovely yarn on them and we get to see the pictures.

  9. Beautiful! I've always seen them around your house, but I never fully appreciated them till now! :) I started my own knitting blog as well, since I'll be taking our family blog private here soon. It's

  10. I would love to know where you found the info about Jensen wheels being sold to Rick Reeves. I was sorry when Mr. Reeves sold his business to Schacht; if he's making wheels again, I'm definitely interested!

    My blog is at . I'll be checking back on yours!