Saturday, May 2, 2009

Meet the Team!

I think my obsession with wool started when I was in high school. My best friend Martha's parents were both university professors and they traveled to Europe quite a bit. Martha's mom was always knitting- she brought her knitting to all of our swim meets, and I would watch her create these lovely cabled sweaters for Martha from wool yarn in wonderful natural colors that she aways brought back from Germany. I coveted those sweaters! Years later when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, I decided to take a knitting class so I could create some of those wonderful sweaters I had so long envied. My needles haven't been still for very long since that time!

First it was the learning to knit, then I became a "fiber snob". I fell in love with all kinds of natural fibers, and especially all things woolly. By the time my third child was born, I would cast longing looks at sheep- you can guess the rest. I found the local Fiber Guild where I learned to spin, and people encourage you to get more fiber!!! I attended conferences. I read knitting magazines and books about spinning. My friend Cindy's family bought a few llamas, and I had to go play with them. Then, my husband momentarily lost his mind and bought me a llama for Christmas one year. So, really, I can blame this whole "stash enhancement" thing on HIM. Its all his fault. Now he accuses me of trying to insulate the house from the inside out.....

Last fall, he came to me and said "honey, we HAVE to do something with all of this fiber. Its taking over our entire house. Its not organized anymore. There is HAIR on everyting. What if I build you a room over the attic? Do you think you could take it all up there to work on it???" So began the marathon building project.

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